Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The House of Night Series: Book Review

My friends got me hooked on the House of Night Series books. I'm not going to lie; I didn't pay much attention when Mrs. Huff was talking about how good the book was because all I could think was, "vampires are overrated!" Boy, I was sure wrong!

(Each counts as 2 books.)

Marked: I started this book off thinking I was not going to enjoy it. As I got into it, though, I could not stop! I read the book in two days. It is written in a simple manner that is in modern language, so it was easy to understand and relate to. I really liked the fact that it brought vampires, or as Cast writes, vampyres, into a new light. She made the classic vampire into a more civilized creature, one that is more like a human than a monster. Cast incorporated the typical cliques: the good friend, the gay friend, the somewhat annoying friends, the evil girls, the hot guy. Plus, I'm always up for the good girl winning and getting the hot guy in the end :).

Betrayed: I had to read this book after reading the first one because it left me hanging, wanting more of my new-found love for vampyres. This book upset me, though. I did not want her friend to die! The best friend is not supposed to die! She is supposed to be there until the end. I did like the fact that it allied the evil girl and good girl together, but I was still mad that the one mother-like women to Zoey became an enemy. Plus, I could not stand the fact that Zoey was hurting the sweet Erik for a human and an adult vampyre, who I could tell was not good news! The way it ended, though, had me craving more!

Untamed: I read the 3rd book, Chosen, but I want to tell about the 4th one because the books get better as you keep reading, and Untamed has been my favorite (although, I am reading Hunted right now, and it's really good so far!). This book puts a whole new twist into the fantasy by bringing in some horror which I just love because I'm a fan of scary movies. I never thought a book could creep me out, but this book definitely succeeded in doing so. The book somewhat stressed me out, though, because of all of Zoey's stress and drama, all of which made me hurt and feel sympathy for her, while at the same time made me mad at her for causing it. As always, the ending keep me wanting more, so, of course, I immediately got the 5th book and started reading!

I would recommend these books to everyone because girls would love them, and guys might learn a thing or two from them. Beware: They are addictive! :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Abortion: Breaking The Silence

Abortion. Everyone knows about it, but very few people care to express their opinions on the issue for fear of causing disagreements and heated arguments. It's a silent issue that needs to be brought out into the open to discourage people of the practice.
Everyone knows the consequences of their actions, and when they can't handle those consequences, they immediately look for an easy way out. Abortion offers a quick fix for those who are not able to accept their mistakes or the possibilities that come with the birth of a child. Those people do not understand the damage they are doing not only to the baby, but also to themselves.
Abortion is selfish. Most people only use it to protect themselves from a hard life or to protect their status in life. Some, mostly young people, use it to protect their reputation and innocence; some use it to protect themselves from a child with disabilities; some use it to protect themselves from having to spend money on someone other than themselves; some, who get numerous abortions, even use it for birth control! The baby has no chance to even live its own life.

Abortion is murder. People try to convince themselves that what they are doing is right because they believe the child is not yet a person until a certain week in pregnancy or even until birth. The truth is, though, that a child becomes a living person when conceived. Abortion kills that baby. If you kill someone, it is murder whether that person in fully developed or not.
Abortion is harmful. Of course, the baby suffers death in an abortion, but the mother is also harmed. Usually, after an abortion, a woman may suffer from a life of perpetual guilt. Abortions can damage a woman's reproductive system making it impossible for them to ever conceive a child again, and, even if they do, it can increase chances of miscarriages, stillbirths, and other birthing complications.

People always try to argue that abortion can help protect the baby from a bad life of poverty, drugs, crime, etc. The women should have thought about the consequences before they acted and brought a baby into their life. If they did not take the time to think, there are options like adoption to help give the baby a better life because many people are not able to conceive and would be thankful for that baby.
Other people say abortion can protect a mother from death during birth. Today, doctors offer many test which can predict future birthing complications. Every woman who is ready to conceive should consider getting tested before they put their own life in danger and have to end the life of another.
There is only one exception. Abortion is only okay in certain issues such as rape where a woman cannot help the fact of conception and the complications that may follow. Even in this case, though, they should consider adoption rather than ending an innocent life.
Women need to consider all consequences before they act and damage their life and the life of an innocent, little baby. Ignorance is the only thing keeping a woman from this. Women have the choice to protect themselves and others, but they must stay informed and make the right choices. Abortion is selfish; abortion is murder; abortion is harmful. Abortion is NOT right!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Homework Hurts

"It is not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is: What are we busy about?" ---Henry David Thoreau
Work, work, work. Many children spend hours and hours doing their homework each night. Homework is supposed to help---right? Therefore, the more children do, the more positive effects it is having---right? Actually, excessive homework forces many negative effects on the shoulders of not only children, but also the families of those children.
Excessive homework hinders the proper development of children. Today's school children spend numerous hours completing the ridiculous amounts of homework distributed by their teachers which eventually strips them of their needed sleep and exercise time. At a young age, children need this time for not only proper brain and physical development, but also proper emotional development. Supposedly, homework's goal is to help mature the brain, but when it is given in excess, it only hurts the brain.
Not only is homework hurting children's brain, but also it is an unknown cause of obesity in children. Spending so much time on homework, children are deprived of the beneficial amounts of exercise time needed to stay healthy; therefore, becoming what Sara Bennett and Nancy Kalish call "homework potatoes."
Children's families are also hurt by excessive homework. Family time becomes inferior to the homework. Most children feel compelled to finish their homework; therefore, they miss out on time that could be spent at the dinner table, on a family trip, or bonding with family.
One might argue that family involvement is a benefit that results from homework. Usually, though, excessive homework sparks family arguments and fights over the issue of the amount of homework and time spent laboring over the work.
One might also try to argue that homework itself is beneficial for children giving them the self-discipline and work ethic needed to survive the world. According to Bennett and Kalish, the truth is, however, that there is "absolutely no proof that homework helps", especially when given in excess. Almost every child can tell you that, as they try to avoid the unnecessary load of work, procrastination becomes a favored habit.
I understand that homework has been around for a long time. I understand that teachers are not going to stop giving out homework. There are things, though, where more is not necessarily better. Homework is one of those things. Excessive homework does nothing but hurt children and their families. Why give so much homework out when it goes against every goal that schools strive for students to achieve?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sentence 12

Their sentence:
They weren't watching TV--they weren't in the computer room or the library, and they weren't in the kitchen, either.
from Marked by P.C. & Kristin Cast

The anaphora emphasizes the fact that Zoey is looking in many different places for her friends, and she still cannot locate them. The dash sets apart the failed continuity of her search after looking in the first location.

My sentence:
Dogs were lingering outside--dogs were in the car and the garage, and dogs were in the house, too.

Sentence 11

Their sentence:
Sure, they were nice-looking--interesting actually, with their crescent moon outlines, and their uniforms that looked more like runway designs than school clothes--but they didn't have the glossy, inhumanly attractive light that radiated from inside each of the adult vampyres.
from Marked by P.C. & Kristin Cast

Set apart with dashes, the descriptive phrase describing how nice-looking the young vampyres are--which also signals a subconscious break in thought--further heightens the unique beauty of the adult vampyres compared to that of the already amazing-looking young.

My sentence:
Yeah, we were smart--advanced actually, with our Pre-AP classes, and our calculators that looked more like huge computers than simple machines--but we didn't have the annoying, terribly repulsive arrogance that glowed from within each of the older students.

Sentence 10

Their sentence:
But remember, darkness does not always equate to evil, just as light does not always bring good.
from Marked by P.C. & Kristin Cast

The antithesis within the sentence contrasts the balanced phrases while, at the same time, use them as a comparison of similarities to help Zoey, the main character, relate darkness to her knowledge of light in her initial life.

My sentence:
And think, wealth does not always lead to happiness, just as poverty does not always create sadness.

Sentence 9

Their sentence:
He's calling in our family shrink, the Incredibly Expressionless Man.
from Marked by P.C. & Kristin Cast

The appositive phrase sarcastically describes the family's shrink by labeling him.

My sentence:
She's summoning up their dead grandpa, the Unforgettably Fearless Guy.

Sentence 8

Their sentence:
Something smelled amazing--hot and sweet and delicious.
from Marked by P.C. & Kristin Cast

The sentence further explains the extraordinary smell while the use of the polysyndeton set off by dashes emphasizes each individual description of the smell making them each equally important to the next.

My sentence:
Everything felt unwelcoming--chilly and quiet and unfriendly.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sentence 7

Her sentence:
Kayla couldn't help but think that she probably ate like a...bird.
from The Bar Code Rebellion by Suzanne Weyn
In the sentence, Kayla's observation of a girl collides with realization of her possible identity--set apart from the rest of the sentence by a series of periods--as she remembers information revealed earlier in the book.
My sentence:
I couldn't help but notice that she seemingly ran like a...robot.

Sentence 6

Her sentence:
Yes, I am down about a lot of things: I miss Kayla; I'm banged out about what's happening with David Young; I feel weak from the beating I took; and having this bar code on my wrist drives me into a murderous rage sometimes.
from The Bar Code Rebellion by Suzanne Weyn
The independent clauses separated by semi-colons following the colon further explain the different "things" that are bringing the character down.
My sentence:
Indeed, she is happy with everything in life: She loves everyone; She's excited about her relationship with Charles; She looks toned from the workouts she attended; and obtaining the looks of her mom transforms her into an undeniable beauty somehow.

Sentence 5

Her sentence:
The phoenix--the bird that is burned to ashes but rises to live again.
from The Bar Code Rebellion by Suzanne Weyn
The fragment emphasizes a thought of realization while also bringing into perspective the significance of the phoenix with the appositive phrase.
My sentence:
Spanish--the subject that is hated by most but comes into relevance often.

Sentence 4

Her sentence:
Mfumbe was in the line, the top of his head ablaze, his eyes fixed blankly ahead.
from The Bar Code Rebellion by Suzanne Weyn
The modifying phrases following the independent clause help complete the sentence by adding the information needed to know about Mfumbe's torturous situation and empty feelings. The phrases add more meaning to the significance of the line where he stands.
My sentence:
The cat was under the car, the hair on her back erect, her claws protruded defensively ahead.

Sentence 3

Her sentence:
You were pumped with adrenaline; now you're feeling the letdown.
from The Bar Code Rebellion by Suzanne Weyn
The two independent clauses are balanced against each other with the use of a semi-colon. The semi-colon also indicates the contrast between the sentence stating the character's initial feeling and the sentence stating the character's current feeling.
My sentence:
Pioneers were excited about the win; today they're fighting the soreness.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sentence 2

Her Sentence:
The one who will not be caged.
from The Bar Code Rebellion by Suzanne Weyn
The incomplete structure of this fragment expresses her thoughts about the person she is, although she does not know for a fact her complete identity and fate as she would like to think she does. Despite her determination for freedom, her passive voice in the sentence shows that she is in a society where, as much as she does not want to admit it, she is helpless and under their control.
My sentence:
A boxer who can not be fought.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sentence 1

Her sentence:
Hastily, she tosses out old clothes, a sketch pad, charcoal pencils, anything she can't sell.
from The Bar Code Rebellion by Suzanne Weyn
The use of asyndeton further expresses her haste in throwing items out of the bag in the urgency to find an item that will be useful to her. She has no time to waste, and the sentence reflects that by not wasting the time to put a conjunction.
My sentence:
Quickly, he grabs onto his children, his wife, his dog, whatever he can save.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

More Than Meets The Eye

Out of Pink's book, I decided to try Simon Baron-Cohen's Mind in the Eyes Test because the activity sounded interesting to me. I learned more in the ten minute test than I do some days.

People's eyes are used for much more than just seeing. Eyes tell a lot about a person's emotions. Before I took this test, I never noticed that a person's eyes can even tell more than a smile can. People can fake a smile, but, as I learned in Pink's book, their eyes will always rat them out and reveal the true emotion.

I only missed six of the thirty-six questions, and the questions I missed were ones in which I did not go with my first instinct. I answered fifteen questions right before I missed my first one because I started doubting myself. When I started doubting myself, I started missing. Not only did I learn that eyes tell a lot about a person's emotions, I learned not to doubt myself and go with my first instinct.

Below are a couple of examples from the test:

The possible answers for the first picture are ashamed, nervous, suspicious, and indecisive. For me, the answer was obviously suspicious, and I was right. The possible answers for the second picture are impatient, aghast, irritated, and reflective. The answer was not as obvious as the one for the first picture. I chose impatient, but the actual answer was reflective. For each picture, I had to analyze whether the emotion was positive, negative, or neutral. From that point, I could eliminate some of the choices to reach the right one.

Some emotions are not as noticeable though the eyes as others. For the most part, though, most emotion are expressed clearly through people's eyes. I not only learned to distinguish emotions from people's eyes but also learned the usefulness of the test taking skills of elimination and going with that first instinct.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sophmore Year

YAY! My sophmore year has ended. Compared to my freshman year, this year has not been as fun. The homework seemed to be piled on this year. I know we are getting prepared for college, but I still would like to have some free time sometime! Okay...so I am exaggerating a little. I am still very ready for summer to be here!

I went to the homecoming dance for the first time this year, and I have to admit I did not stay long because the dance was just not that fun. The dressing up and going to the football game before the dance were more fun than the dance itself. I still had fun that night, though, with Shelby, my best friend. We get together and fun follows! :)

My grades this year were good. Even though I hated all the work I had to do, in the end, all the hard work paid off. I received many awards at awards night, which made my parents very proud. Plus, I received many comments from people such as, "I did not know you were smart." I guess I showed them!

The sports went well this year for me. We won state in cross country and track again this year (5-peat for both!). That makes 4 state rings for me! :) Basketball could have went better, but I love playing, so even though I wish we could have done better, I still enjoyed playing. I am looking forward to basketball next year because I have a very good feeling about the season.

The teachers this year were great. I enjoyed all of my teachers, and I hope next year they will be just as funny and entertaining. My friends were great! I love them! I do not think I could make my way through school without them. I made some new friends this year and became closer to other people who I would have never thought I would get along with. The drama was hardly present this year, and I was very happy about that. I hate drama!

I drove to school for the first time this year. I turned sixteen on September 30, 2008. I drove 3 different vehicles to school this year, but I drive the same one all the time now. The GMC Yukon's name has not yet been decided. Any suggestions? HAHA :)

I guess now that I think back, this year has not been as bad as I thought. For the most part, the year was enjoyable. More than what I named happened, but I would be typing forever and would not finish this blog in time. I am going to miss the seniors this year, and I wish the best of luck to them. I am ready to be a Junior because Sophmore just does not sound as good as Freshman, Junior, or Senior. This is my last blog for Mrs. Gillmore's Pre-AP English 10 class, and I would just like to thank her and other teachers for teaching me this year. Without them, I would not be who I am today.

I am going to end the year and my final blog of tenth grade with this quote:

"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift." -Steve Prefontaine
In other words, your best is a gift and you should appreciate what you can do and use what you got! You should work hard and to the best of your ability. That kind of drive and determination makes successful people.

Of Mice And Men...AGAIN

I read Of Mice And Men earlier in the year. Here is the link to my book review of the novelette:


I was still confused of the significance of the title when I read the book again, but as I read a handout of the poem which helped named the story, I came to understand the title more. The way the title is worded still confuses me, but the characters in the poem and the characters in the story relate to one another because they are both being moved around.

I still recommend this book to others as I said in the earlier review. The ending is not one to be given away! Let people read the book for themselves! I accidentally gave the ending away to someone I thought had read the story and ruined the reading for them. The book is so much more enjoyable with all the surprises the plot offers.

Monday, May 11, 2009

#11- The House on Mango Street

At first, The House on Mango Street was just a jumbled mess of random stories. In the end, though, the story all came together and connected to tell a great story.

Sandra Cisneros, the author, has a life much like the one of Esperanza's in the novel. They are both Mexican American women trying to overcome the hardships of their lives. The short stories show how her neighborhood is and what the people who live there are like. Most of the stories in The House on Mango Street probably hit close to home with Cisneros which, to me, gave the book more meaning.

Esperanza's neighborhood is not one many people would be proud to live in, but the neighborhood belongs to the people living there. From the old, small house and apartments to the grown up garden, the people belong to the neighborhood whether they want to or not. They learn many lessons living there and respect what they get because they are not quick to take advantage of what they get.

The biggest lesson of the book seemed to be that people never need to forget who they are just because who they are is not good enough for some people. Esperanza is not happy with the neighborhood and wishes to have a better life. She is eventually able to do this, but others remind her not to forget the person she is and where she is from.

This was not one of my favorite book, but the story was a very meaningful one.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

#10 - The Giver

I have read The Giver twice. After reading the novel the second time, the book had a little bit of a different meaning to me. I understood the story better and was more aware of what was taking place. I enjoyed the book very much both times.

Jonas, the main character, goes through a very deep transformation. Being selected as the "Receiver of Memory, he begins to realize his "perfect" community is not so perfect. He sees that his people are deprived of some very special aspects of life that today I know I could not live without. He tries to make his closest friends and family understand that life has a lot more to offer than what they are getting.

After reading this story, plus, many others which are similar, I am convinced that a true "utopia" can not exist. People are going to be constantly rebelling and trying to find loopholes which prove that their world is not perfect like Jonas does. Too many different mindsets and differences among people exist for there to be a world where all people are happy and everything is perfect. There will never be a "perfect world".

This book is a great read for everyone. I recommend anyone to read the novel if they get the chance. The story is a fast read and very enjoyable. Although, I can predict that some people will be unhappy with the ending. I thought the ending was good, though. You just have to think a little bit. You have to make your own ending.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So Much Depends Upon

So much depends
an ancient basketball
damaged from endless
behind the abandoned
Now, many of you are probably saying, "What could depend on that?". That is a very good question. Definitely a question requiring a little thought, so do just that.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

#9 - Animal Farm

I never thought a fairy tale would have such a deep meaning. Animal Farm by George Orwell is the fairy tale I am talking about.

George Orwell used farm animals as an allegory to the Russian Revolution. The meaning of the story was so much easier to understand with the use of animals as the characters instead of the use of humans in a more history report-like story.

The themes of the story came to me in many different forms including: power is corrupting and ignorance is passive.

Power is corrupting. In the story, power corrupts one of the main characters, Napoleon. Because he is so powerful, he is able to take over the farm and turn the animals and land into what he wants. The farm becomes less and less like the equal land they agreed they were trying to achieve because Napoleon is constantly using his authority to his advantage.

Ignorance is passive. In the story, other than the pigs, dogs, and a few other animals, the animals are very ignorant. They take in and do whatever they are told without resistance. They are very censored as to what is going on, and because of this, they have no idea what is really happening on the Animal Farm. They are easily influenced and convinced because they are so ignorant.

This was more interesting than some books I have read, but Animal Farm is not high on my recommendation of books.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Favorite Techie Tool

My favorite techie tool would have to be this...the blog! A blog enables people to do many different actions. With a blog you can:

  • Do school assignments

  • Express your thoughts

  • Share opinions

  • Share facts

  • Get information

  • If you miss school or forget the assignment, get school assignments

  • Comment on other's blogs

  • Help others


A blog is helpful both in class and out of class. Therefore, a blog is a very popular favorite techie tool!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I read this book all in one day! All 208 pages! I was so surprised with myself. I just thought I would let everyone know that because I am not one to read a book that fast. The book was just that entertaining. Lisi Harrison's P.S. I LOATHE YOU is a book to read...that is, of course, after you have read the first nine in the series.

I love Lisi Harrison's Clique Series. I started reading them in the seventh or eighth grade, and I cannot stop. I just have to know what happens in the next book because she usually ends the story in a way that lets you know that another one is soon to come. This frustrates me sometimes, though, because I just want to know what is going to happen next. I do not want to wait! Despite this, though, her books tell very good stories about the difficulties and triumphs of a clique.

This book is one of my favorite out of the ten because the story's main focus is not just on one of the girls in the clique. Instead, the story focuses on all of them. The story tells the typical story of mean girls and their fight for popularity and yes...BOYS. The fight for these forces the clique to begin to tear apart. The alpha, Massie, begins to lose power. Just as every mean girl, she stoops to denying the fact that the tear is all her fault. Basically, the story is about typical teenage girl drama which is the main reason the story is so easy for me to read.

As you could probably already guess, I recommend people read this book (after the other nine, of course). The book is more of a "chick book", so I would not really recommend the book to guys.

P.S. I LOATHE YOU is a fictional story which contains an abundance of truth.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

#7-The Color Purple

The Color Purple by Alice Walker has to be one of the best books that I have ever read. The novel told a great story. I am not much of a reader, but I just could not put the book down because the story just kept me reading.

The book is written all in letter form. The letters are written from Celie, the main character, to God and to Nettie, her sister. Later in the novel, some of the letters are from Nettie to Celie. Since the book is written in letter form, the grammar and spelling is not all correct, but the book was still very easy to read and follow.

Celie. Throughout the book, she is abused in all ways possible by men. Since her sister Nettie left her, she has no one to help her. She feels used and worthless. Shug comes to her rescue and teaches her many aspects of life she has never been able to know.

Throughout the book, each character learns more and more about the ways of life. The characters go through great transformations which made the book even more inspiring. The book is full of symbolism and themes which show the strength of women's relationships and much more. The book is a very meaningful and a very worthwhile to read.

As you can probably tell, I recommend to people to read this book. The Color Purple is a great book that should be read!

[308 pages..2 books]

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Break '09

During this Spring Break, I did not do much. I was grateful to have a break from the stresses of school, so even though I did not have the most exciting Spring Break, I am not complaining.

I did some typical Spring Break activities like riding four-wheelers and being outside to just enjoy the great spring weather. By the way, the weather was good almost the whole break.

Along with those typical activities, I ran to stay in shape for track. I ran over twenty-five miles during the break. I felt like I had accomplished something!

While running, though, I was chased by a miniature horse while taking a shortcut through some fields to avoid getting too soaked from the rain. That was a pretty interesting encounter.

My boyfriend was gone almost the whole Spring Break! That was a huge disappointment. Along with him being gone, so were a lot of my other friends. I felt like I was the only one still in the town! Finally, though, everyone came back, and I got to enjoy some time with them.

Hmm...that pretty much sums up my Spring Break. Now, I have a little over eight weeks until summer. I can't wait because summer is always great! (Ha..that rhymed.)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Anthem..& Then We Wrote

Life expectancy of people in Equality of Anthem's world is extremely low. Most people only lived to be about forty. I could not even imagine that, but many reasons suggested why this was true for them. Their appearance, work, and everyday lifestyles had a lot to do with why they could not live very long. Here is an excerpt from my essay on why their lifestyles effect their life expectancy:

"Mostly, the lifestyles of Equality 7-2521’s people pushed them to live a shorter life because of the obvious unhappiness and despair. The people had no freedom. The way they lived and what they did when they lived was all chosen for them throughout their lives. They had no preferences in their life. They could not chose what they wanted to learn, what job they wanted, who they wanted to be with, or anything else in their lives. Because of the fear of breaking a rule and being punished, people would not even speak what was on their mind. The people could have little to no fun. Throughout their lives, the days were very repetitive making them very boring. People went through the same schedule everyday of their lives, and only three hours of their day were for recreation. People need choice, diversity, and fun in their lifestyles in order to survive very long. Since Equality 7-2521’s people had none of this, they were unhappy and had no hope, so they only survived a very short time."

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

To Perfect My World...

Much of our world could use perfecting. Because humans effect the world a lot, most of the perfecting could be done starting with the humans who live on our world.

Men and women could be more civil. In our world, too much fighting and war takes place. War destroys our world and tears the people of our world apart. Many people are killed, and in no cases is killing perfect.

People could get along and accept everyone for who they are. They could celebrate the diversity of the world rather than shunning the diversity. Today, people are too busy judging others and not worrying enough about how they are effecting the world.

People are not informed enough about our world. Many do not know what is even going on in the world today. Therefore, the people do not know what they can do to help perfect our world.

Because so many actions can be taken to perfect our world, the land is far from perfection. People will probably never want to take the actions to perfect our world because they are too busy trying to keep others from being perfect. But...hope is always there! :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Perfect World. Can perfect and world really be used together? Is the phrase just an oxymoron? Ayn Rand's Anthem hooked me with a story of a perfect world.

The setting was, of course, a perfect world. Everyone was happy. Everyone was as one. Everyone was "WE". No one disobeyed the course of the world. People were not assigned names, but they were assigned more of what could be said as labels. From children to adults, they were told how to live their lives, and their whole life was planned for them. Different "Homes" housed people of different "trades". People died at the age of 45. That was how life was. But was this necessarily the "perfect world"?

The main character Equality 7-2521 was cursed. He was guilty many times of the "Transgression of Preference". This was looked down upon by the people of the world. People were not allowed to express their opinions on what they wanted to do or what they wanted to be. Equality 7-2521 disobeyed the ways of his land many times. When he was assigned as "Street Sweeper" as his work for the rest of his days, he took the job with pride although he wanted to be something else, a "Transgression of Preference". While on the job one day, he finds a passage which lead to the "Unmentionable Times" of his world. He does not want to give the place up, so he keeps his place a secret. In his place, he is guilty disobeying many rules of his world.

The theme of this book is a world is never perfect. Always, someone will not be happy with the way the world is, just as Equality 7-2521 was. No one can make everyone happy at once, so someone is always going to try to break free and be a rebel to their world. Never will there be a "perfect world".

To me, this book was only fairly interesting. The book ended well, and I was happy about that. I would not necessarily recommend Anthem to everyone, but I know many people out there that would probably enjoy reading the story.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Cut. Eye-catching, right? I thought so too. The title was short but somewhat interesting at the same time. I was right. Patricia McCormick's Cut was entertaining from the very beginning.

McCormick says a great deal in a very short book. Her writing style is very easy to understand and to follow. She writes the story in first person through the eyes of Callie. The reader is able to follow the deeply moving story of Callie and know her feelings and emotions. Entertaining throughout, the story starts off good, and the ending terminates well. Without saying a whole lot, she is able to tell a story full of information in a very short novel.

Callie, the main character, is a patient at Sea Pines, nicknamed Sick Minds by the patients there, which is a "residential treatment facility". Guess what she is there for...yeah, that is right...cutting herself. She does not think she can control the cutting, and she does not know how. The problem, though, she will not talk to the therapist, who is trying to help her. Callie knows why she cuts herself, but will this secret finally be revealed to others?

Going without saying, I recommend that everyone who may think this novel sounds interesting to read Cut. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. If you are though, I am sincerely sorry. I just know this is a story many people will enjoy.

Friday, February 6, 2009

#4-The Call of the Wild

Everyone knows how the survive. The instincts are deep inside everyone, and when the time is right, those instincts will take over. Much of this happened in The Call of the Wild. Jack London's The Call of the Wild interested me with Buck's great transformation.

London wrote The Call of the Wild with a very serious voice. The book is very down to business, and the story keeps the reader entertained with many wild adventures. I am not a big adventure story fan, but London's style of writing helps to keep the reader focused on the story. The style is very straightforward, so the book does not confuse the reader.

One theme from the book is taking a stand. Buck takes a stand for a position he wants as a sled dog. The stand is a "fight to the death", but who's death is going to be the outcome?

The biggest theme of the book, though, is survival of the fittest. Buck and other dogs have to endure many lessons in survival. Buck, despite having come from a domesticated lifestyle, learns quickly and easily the way of the wild. Instincts deep inside of him overtake his body, and he slowly begins to adapt and transform. In the book, only the fittest survive. GO FIND OUT WHO!

The Call of the Wild is a book I would recommend more to guys than to girls simply because of the continued adventure, but I am not saying girls would not enjoy the book too.

#3-Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men. This title confused me at first look, and I thought that the book sounded dumb. I know not to judge a book by the cover, though, so I gave the book a chance. As I began reading, I came to realize partial meaning of the title. John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men captivated me with the wonderful story told throughout the book.

The story is written in a very serious manner mixed with some comical relief here and there. Most of the seriousness comes from George, one of the main characters, while the comical relief comes mostly from Lennie, the other main character and George's companion.

The two main characters are total opposites of each other. George is small and cunning, while Lennie is huge and slow-minded. Although the two are total opposites, they share a bond that is almost brotherly because George is always trying to keep Lennie safe and out of trouble. Despite George's constant effort to keep Lennie out of trouble, Lennie manages to get himself into a terrible mess. How does George get him out this time?

The theme I understood from this story is life is better helping others. George could have left Lennie and lived his life on his own, but he chose to give up the life he wanted in order to help Lennie live his life the right way. I also learned dying happy is the best way to go. I will let those of you who have not read the book see where I got this theme from.

I recommend people read the novel because the story told is very interesting and meaningful. The ending is very surprising too!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

#2-Pants on Fire

Liar, liar, pants on fire. Okay, so this is an old quote said by many of the immature people of the world, but this quote is a big part of Pants on Fire by Meg Cabot. Pants on Fire entertained me with the book's great use of comical material.

Meg Cabot has always used a writing style I enjoy reading. She writes many of her books with comical material. This is the case in Pants on Fire. Many of the characters have sarcastic wit, while others are just downright hilarious. Katie Ellison, the main character, is one of those others. She is constantly talking to herself and claiming "something is wrong with her". After all, though, she is the biggest liar ever.

The theme of this story is lying only makes matters worse. Katie has told so many lies that she is having trouble keeping them all straight. I am surprised she was able to keep her two boyfriends straight. Yes, I said two! How many lies can Katie tell before she finally bursts? Or can she just keep telling lies for the rest of her life with no regrets? I am not going to tell you, so read the book! You know you want to know!

Now, I am not trying to give the plot away, but a guy comes back into to town. According to Katie, he is "only back for revenge", but for what? Like I said before, READ THE BOOK!

I would definitely recommend people read this book. Once I started reading Pants on Fire, I could not put the book away. I might not recommend the book as one guys would enjoy reading. The book should be a for sure for all you females out there, though!


Many people take stands for what they believe in everyday. Many women should respect their rights. Many people let excessive pride ruin their lives. All of these themes can be seen in Antigone by Sophocles. Sophocles' Antigone taught me many lessons through the many themes expressed throughout the tragedy.

  • Taking A Stand. Taking a stand is the biggest theme represented in Antigone. Antigone, one of the main characters, takes a stand for her rights. She is a very persistent person, and she will not give up until she got her way. Being persistent is very important in taking a stand. Antigone shows a very good example of the right way to take a stand for what you believe in. Haemon, Creon's son, also takes a stand for Antigone, his wife. I will let those of you who have not read the play see how the stands they take turn out.

  • Women's Rights. Antigone took a stand for her rights as a woman in a world dominated my men. She is a very strong woman. She shows this by taking a stand for her rights against a man! A woman has to be very courageous in order to do that. Because she stood up for what she believed in against a man who tried to downgrade her, I respect her.

  • Excessive Pride. Creon, the man Antigone was taking a stand against for her rights, was overcome by excessive pride. Creon was who I considered the tragic hero of the play. He let his trait of excessive pride eventually lead to his downfall. I am not going to tell you what his downfall is because the tragedy would be ruined for those of you who have not read Antigone.

Would I recommend Antigone for others to read? Even though I am not a big fan of plays written way back when, mostly because of the writing style, I would recommend people read this because of the many lessons that can be learned from the themes. Plus, Antigone is a very quick read, and I know that is a positive in many people's minds.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Persuasion: Changing Minds And Getting Your Way

In class, we have recently been working in the thematic unit named "Taking A Stand". I have written a paragraph about a time I took a stand, and I am now working on an essay about the art of persuasion. I would like to share my introduction paragraph in this blog. So here is my wonderful piece of writing:
The art of persuasion is a very difficult skill to master, but once people have the skill down, they can easily change other’s minds. They can get whatever they want right when they begin to persuade the other person. Other people are easily manipulated by someone who has the art of persuasion mastered. This is not the case with me. I lack good persuasion skills. This proved true when I tried to persuade my mom to let me get my belly button pierced.
The experience I encountered when trying to persuade my mom helped me to realize I have a lot I need to work as far as the art of persuasion goes. Since I learned a lesson from this experience, maybe next time I will improve on my persuasion skills. Then, one day I may be a manipulator! That sounds somewhat evil, but I do like to get my way. By the way, I was persistent in trying to get my mom to let me get my belly button pierced, so she did eventually give in. She gave me the permission based on me just being annoying rather than my awesome persuading skills.