Friday, February 6, 2009

#4-The Call of the Wild

Everyone knows how the survive. The instincts are deep inside everyone, and when the time is right, those instincts will take over. Much of this happened in The Call of the Wild. Jack London's The Call of the Wild interested me with Buck's great transformation.

London wrote The Call of the Wild with a very serious voice. The book is very down to business, and the story keeps the reader entertained with many wild adventures. I am not a big adventure story fan, but London's style of writing helps to keep the reader focused on the story. The style is very straightforward, so the book does not confuse the reader.

One theme from the book is taking a stand. Buck takes a stand for a position he wants as a sled dog. The stand is a "fight to the death", but who's death is going to be the outcome?

The biggest theme of the book, though, is survival of the fittest. Buck and other dogs have to endure many lessons in survival. Buck, despite having come from a domesticated lifestyle, learns quickly and easily the way of the wild. Instincts deep inside of him overtake his body, and he slowly begins to adapt and transform. In the book, only the fittest survive. GO FIND OUT WHO!

The Call of the Wild is a book I would recommend more to guys than to girls simply because of the continued adventure, but I am not saying girls would not enjoy the book too.

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