Wednesday, April 15, 2009

#9 - Animal Farm

I never thought a fairy tale would have such a deep meaning. Animal Farm by George Orwell is the fairy tale I am talking about.

George Orwell used farm animals as an allegory to the Russian Revolution. The meaning of the story was so much easier to understand with the use of animals as the characters instead of the use of humans in a more history report-like story.

The themes of the story came to me in many different forms including: power is corrupting and ignorance is passive.

Power is corrupting. In the story, power corrupts one of the main characters, Napoleon. Because he is so powerful, he is able to take over the farm and turn the animals and land into what he wants. The farm becomes less and less like the equal land they agreed they were trying to achieve because Napoleon is constantly using his authority to his advantage.

Ignorance is passive. In the story, other than the pigs, dogs, and a few other animals, the animals are very ignorant. They take in and do whatever they are told without resistance. They are very censored as to what is going on, and because of this, they have no idea what is really happening on the Animal Farm. They are easily influenced and convinced because they are so ignorant.

This was more interesting than some books I have read, but Animal Farm is not high on my recommendation of books.

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