Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Cut. Eye-catching, right? I thought so too. The title was short but somewhat interesting at the same time. I was right. Patricia McCormick's Cut was entertaining from the very beginning.

McCormick says a great deal in a very short book. Her writing style is very easy to understand and to follow. She writes the story in first person through the eyes of Callie. The reader is able to follow the deeply moving story of Callie and know her feelings and emotions. Entertaining throughout, the story starts off good, and the ending terminates well. Without saying a whole lot, she is able to tell a story full of information in a very short novel.

Callie, the main character, is a patient at Sea Pines, nicknamed Sick Minds by the patients there, which is a "residential treatment facility". Guess what she is there for...yeah, that is right...cutting herself. She does not think she can control the cutting, and she does not know how. The problem, though, she will not talk to the therapist, who is trying to help her. Callie knows why she cuts herself, but will this secret finally be revealed to others?

Going without saying, I recommend that everyone who may think this novel sounds interesting to read Cut. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. If you are though, I am sincerely sorry. I just know this is a story many people will enjoy.

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