Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The House of Night Series: Book Review

My friends got me hooked on the House of Night Series books. I'm not going to lie; I didn't pay much attention when Mrs. Huff was talking about how good the book was because all I could think was, "vampires are overrated!" Boy, I was sure wrong!

(Each counts as 2 books.)

Marked: I started this book off thinking I was not going to enjoy it. As I got into it, though, I could not stop! I read the book in two days. It is written in a simple manner that is in modern language, so it was easy to understand and relate to. I really liked the fact that it brought vampires, or as Cast writes, vampyres, into a new light. She made the classic vampire into a more civilized creature, one that is more like a human than a monster. Cast incorporated the typical cliques: the good friend, the gay friend, the somewhat annoying friends, the evil girls, the hot guy. Plus, I'm always up for the good girl winning and getting the hot guy in the end :).

Betrayed: I had to read this book after reading the first one because it left me hanging, wanting more of my new-found love for vampyres. This book upset me, though. I did not want her friend to die! The best friend is not supposed to die! She is supposed to be there until the end. I did like the fact that it allied the evil girl and good girl together, but I was still mad that the one mother-like women to Zoey became an enemy. Plus, I could not stand the fact that Zoey was hurting the sweet Erik for a human and an adult vampyre, who I could tell was not good news! The way it ended, though, had me craving more!

Untamed: I read the 3rd book, Chosen, but I want to tell about the 4th one because the books get better as you keep reading, and Untamed has been my favorite (although, I am reading Hunted right now, and it's really good so far!). This book puts a whole new twist into the fantasy by bringing in some horror which I just love because I'm a fan of scary movies. I never thought a book could creep me out, but this book definitely succeeded in doing so. The book somewhat stressed me out, though, because of all of Zoey's stress and drama, all of which made me hurt and feel sympathy for her, while at the same time made me mad at her for causing it. As always, the ending keep me wanting more, so, of course, I immediately got the 5th book and started reading!

I would recommend these books to everyone because girls would love them, and guys might learn a thing or two from them. Beware: They are addictive! :)

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you've enjoyed them. Have you made it to the last one yet? it's probably one of the better written ones. Next semester, I challenge you to sneak in a classic with the candy reads (as much as I enjoyed the House of Night series--they are candy reads!). I bet you'd enjoy Jane Eyre, a really good love story, with much more challenging vocabulary and sentence structure!