Wednesday, April 29, 2009

#10 - The Giver

I have read The Giver twice. After reading the novel the second time, the book had a little bit of a different meaning to me. I understood the story better and was more aware of what was taking place. I enjoyed the book very much both times.

Jonas, the main character, goes through a very deep transformation. Being selected as the "Receiver of Memory, he begins to realize his "perfect" community is not so perfect. He sees that his people are deprived of some very special aspects of life that today I know I could not live without. He tries to make his closest friends and family understand that life has a lot more to offer than what they are getting.

After reading this story, plus, many others which are similar, I am convinced that a true "utopia" can not exist. People are going to be constantly rebelling and trying to find loopholes which prove that their world is not perfect like Jonas does. Too many different mindsets and differences among people exist for there to be a world where all people are happy and everything is perfect. There will never be a "perfect world".

This book is a great read for everyone. I recommend anyone to read the novel if they get the chance. The story is a fast read and very enjoyable. Although, I can predict that some people will be unhappy with the ending. I thought the ending was good, though. You just have to think a little bit. You have to make your own ending.