Friday, March 27, 2009

Anthem..& Then We Wrote

Life expectancy of people in Equality of Anthem's world is extremely low. Most people only lived to be about forty. I could not even imagine that, but many reasons suggested why this was true for them. Their appearance, work, and everyday lifestyles had a lot to do with why they could not live very long. Here is an excerpt from my essay on why their lifestyles effect their life expectancy:

"Mostly, the lifestyles of Equality 7-2521’s people pushed them to live a shorter life because of the obvious unhappiness and despair. The people had no freedom. The way they lived and what they did when they lived was all chosen for them throughout their lives. They had no preferences in their life. They could not chose what they wanted to learn, what job they wanted, who they wanted to be with, or anything else in their lives. Because of the fear of breaking a rule and being punished, people would not even speak what was on their mind. The people could have little to no fun. Throughout their lives, the days were very repetitive making them very boring. People went through the same schedule everyday of their lives, and only three hours of their day were for recreation. People need choice, diversity, and fun in their lifestyles in order to survive very long. Since Equality 7-2521’s people had none of this, they were unhappy and had no hope, so they only survived a very short time."

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