Monday, May 11, 2009

#11- The House on Mango Street

At first, The House on Mango Street was just a jumbled mess of random stories. In the end, though, the story all came together and connected to tell a great story.

Sandra Cisneros, the author, has a life much like the one of Esperanza's in the novel. They are both Mexican American women trying to overcome the hardships of their lives. The short stories show how her neighborhood is and what the people who live there are like. Most of the stories in The House on Mango Street probably hit close to home with Cisneros which, to me, gave the book more meaning.

Esperanza's neighborhood is not one many people would be proud to live in, but the neighborhood belongs to the people living there. From the old, small house and apartments to the grown up garden, the people belong to the neighborhood whether they want to or not. They learn many lessons living there and respect what they get because they are not quick to take advantage of what they get.

The biggest lesson of the book seemed to be that people never need to forget who they are just because who they are is not good enough for some people. Esperanza is not happy with the neighborhood and wishes to have a better life. She is eventually able to do this, but others remind her not to forget the person she is and where she is from.

This was not one of my favorite book, but the story was a very meaningful one.

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