Thursday, December 4, 2008


Recently, our class has been listening to Julius Caesar, a play written by William Shakespeare. Many characters in the book claim to be leaders, but I see only one as a true leader. That character is Mark Antony.

In his speeches, found in Act 3, Scene 2, he shows traits of leadership because he persuades a crowd to think a different way than they did just a few moments before. Hearing Brutus' speech, the crowd thought that Caesar's assassination was a good idea, but after listening to Antony speak, they changed their minds. They began to see Brutus and the other conspirators as "traitors" and "villains" and were outraged with their actions. Because Antony was able to change the minds of the people to think like him, he shows true leadership traits.

Today, many people have to show the same leadership qualities that Antony did. For example, in order for a candidate in a political position to get people to vote for them, they have to persuade those people to think that their way is right, and their opponent's way is wrong. Only then can they gain the people's trust in being a leader.

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