Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sophomore Year: Halfway Done!

Looking back on my experience of my sophomore year, not a lot can be said except the year is going by fast! Compared to last year, this year is not near as fun for many reasons.

Sports is a major reason. I did so much better last year in cross country than I did this year. This year we still won state, an exciting exception. I love playing basketball, but this year is not turning out how I would like the season to turn out. I wish we could go undefeated this year like we did last year, but that is not going to happen. Win or lose, I still love playing basketball.

Another reason is my boyfriend. I got to see him so much more last year. Even though I have not seen him as much this year, we are still going strong. I am very grateful for that.

My classes are not as fun this year either. I have many friends, but most of them are older, so I do not have classes with any of them. They would make my classes so much better. Also, the work in the classes is not as interesting as the work was last year, with the exception of a few classes.

Because half my sophomore year has turned out somewhat boring, I am going to work toward making the rest so much better! I hopefully will succeed in doing so. I would like to add that I am so happy to have a break from school! :)

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Mrs. Gillmore said...

Breaks are great!

I think I would like year-around school because of the extended breaks built into the year.