Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our Next Leader: John McCain

John McCain would make a very good president for our wonderful nation. I agree with many of his political issues and so do many other people. He has a lot of experience and would help our nation to prosper.

This is an excerpt from my draft of Letters to the Next President :
"Also, just as you do, I believe life begins at the moment of conception and unborn babies should have the same rights all other humans are provided. I also coincide with you in saying that if the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest or would harm the life of the mother, abortion is acceptable.

Unlike you think, though, testing should be done on the women who claims to have been raped. This testing procedure should be taken so that woman are not using rape as an excuse to abort in the case of an unwanted pregnancy. The issue of abortion and sex education should be stressed more to the women in our country, so they will think before they force an unwanted pregnancy on themselves."

If John McCain becomes President, our nation will improve and succeed.

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