Wednesday, September 17, 2008

CHARLIE : New World Hero

Charlie is perfect in the emotional, physical, and mental aspects of his life. First, he surges with emotional stability. He controls his emotions and expresses the right emotion for the situation. Never is he overly emotional or not emotional enough. Secondly, his physical abilities enable him to do anything. He has an endurance and speed that exceeds even the greatest Olympic runners, the ones who hold world records. The strength of even the greatest body builders does not even begin to compare to the strength he embodies. His physical abilities are said to be countless. Last but not least, mentally, he prepares himself for all problems put before him, especially problems of even the greatest difficulty. His mind overflows with all of the knowledge ever known. He shows full capability of thinking quickly in times of need, even when all others would panic. Charlie's emotional, physical, and mental states exhibit the features of an ideal leader, one who runs a successful world.

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